Friday, December 20, 2013

Bringing Awareness to Our Money Habits

Money can be used to enhance our lives
We can support ourselves
We can help others
We can pay our bills on time
We can be financially free
Money can bring greater freedom

We can learn how to create and use our money with more wisdom

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Bringing Awareness to Our Giving

Do you practice karma yoga?
Do you give as well as receive?
Do you give often or rarely?
Do you give with an open heart or selfishly?
Do you enjoy giving or detest it?
Do you practice helping others?

Giving comes in many forms
Karma Yoga, donating, volunteering
You can give time, money, energy, resources, foods, clothes, etc.

We are meant to be great givers and great receivers
They are both important and sides of the same coin

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Bringing Awareness to Our Gratitude

Gratitude is so vital
It allows us to become more blessed beings

Are you grateful for what you have?
Are you grateful for who you are are?
Do you express gratitude to those around you?
Do you offer gratitude to the divine? to the universe?
Do you offer gratitude to the Earth mother?

Gratitude has the power to expand our worlds, hearts, and paths

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Bringing Awareness to Our Personal Relationships

We are meant to be in relationships
We are meant to interact and share
We are meant to lean on each other
We are meant to help each other
We are meant to love each other
We are meant to help each other to heal

We can cultivate relationships, personal and public, that are grounded in light, love, mutual respect, sharing, and kindness but it requires work and intention

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Bringing Awareness to Our Ego

Our ego is a part of us
but it not grounded in truth and light
We all have one
Some people live through theirs
Some people are willing to heal theirs
Some people ignore theirs

The more aware we are of our shadows, the better off and the brighter our lives will be

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Bringing Awareness to Our Sexual Life

We have sex
We are born from sex
We enjoy sex
We want more good sex

We can bring more mindfulness, positivity, joy, intention, and light to our sexual selves, lives, and partnerships and make it a more empowering and fulfilling experience

Use your creative energy for good

Learn more, visit "Honoring Your Divine & Sacred Sexuality"

Bringing Awareness to Our Play and Fun

What is fun to you?
What do you enjoy?
Do you enjoy feeling open?
Do you enjoy the uotdoors?
Do you travel?
Do you get to enjoy the things you love often? 
Do you make time to be with those you love?

We have many ways to enjoy our free time. Is it constructive?
Do you feel good, open, happy, clear, and full of life when you play?
Is your play time full of drinking, negative habits, drug use, meaningless sex, gossip, and toxic relationships?

How do you spend your free time?

Take a closer look.

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Brining Awareness to Our Life's Work

We hear about life's work so often

We hear about following your bliss
We hear about doing work you love

it can appear intimidating

it can seem impossible
It can seem scary

but it doesn't need to be
we all have a purpose 
we all a dream in our heart
that we are meant to fulfill

What is yours?

We can all take a small step towards our life's work starting today

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Being Grounded & Present

Being grounded and present
means living in the "now" moment
it means being aware of our surrounding, what is taking place,
and what is going on within us
having a practice can help us to become more present